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12.21.07 BFA Systems is currently seeking a HWIL V&V Software programmer. For more information or to apply, please check out careers page.

12.13.07 BFA Systems is excited to announce a new endeavor supporting NASA and the MSFC by providing Subject Matter Expertise to the Constellation Ares Program.

12.13.07 12.13.07 The BFA Systems Employee of the Year for 2007 has been announced as Kellie Bentley. Ms. Bentley is the Publications Department Manager and heads all the documentation, graphics, website, and technical publications in the office, among other duties. She has been with BFA since July of 2005.

11.20.07 BFA Systems has proudly begun support to The Boeing Company, Advanced Programs, providing Subject Matter Expertise in Infrared Signatures and Discrimination Analysis supporting Missile Defense Programs.

11.14.07 BFA has recently partnered with Analytix, a Huntsville-based woman owned small business. The Analytix/BFA Systems team will be jointly pursuing multiple new business venues. For photos of the kick-off ceremony, please click here.

 BFA's Chief Scientist, Don Peterson, was an invited speaker at the Alabama Modeling and Simulation Council's Workshop on Conceptual Modeling. He presented the RSJPOs vision of conceptual modeling as it applied to developing a single integrated ground picture and demonstrating it through field experiments.

10.18.07 BFA Systems participated in the UAH Career Fair on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus on Wednesday, October 17.  BFA Systems representatives were ecstatic with the enthusiastic turnout of career-minded students! It is BFA Systems desire to continue pursuing applications of motivated young adults who seek new career  opportunities. We hope to unlock the door for students to have a chance at first hand, real world experience in DoD and Space-related environments while continuing to further their education. BFA Systems looks forward to working with some of the students we met on future endeavors in the near future and encourage everyone who came out to apply online.

BFA Systems proudly supported the efforts of Jeff Brown in his journey to Houston, TX to participate in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure on Oct. 5. BFA matched dollar-for-dollar each donation from his fellow BFA colleagues.  A photo of Mr. Brown during the race can be found here. 

09.24.07 In support of our newest NASA endeavors, BFA has hired Mr. Jim Smith to assist our efforts. He is coming here from United Space Alliance and prior to that was the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Chief Engineer. We are pleased to welcome him on board!

09.10.07 We are proud to welcome Mr. Joyner Livingston to BFA Systems. Mr. Livingston will be supporting the Robotics Department.

08.29.07 BFA Systems is now proud to team with Intuitive Research and Belzon. Both companies are utilizing the GSA Schedule BFA was recently awarded.

08.27.07 BFA Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that James E. “Jim” Barrett, Jr. has joined the company as Vice President, Business Development. Mr. Barrett has a B.S. Degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and has over 16 years supporting Department of Defense (DoD) and NASA clients in the areas of: Software Development, Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Test and Evaluation, Program Management, and Acquisition Management. Mr. Barrett will focus on marketing BFA capabilities to NASA, the DoD, and commercial clients.

08.13.07 BFA Systems is now supporting ATK for the development of Ground Support software for the ALV X-1 launch vehicle scheduled for launch in 2008.

08.12.07 BFA Systems is proud to welcome Mr. Jim Barrett to the company. Mr. Barrett will serve as BFA's Vice President of Business Development. If you would like to broaden your business capabilities,  corporate team, or if you have an idea for a partnering opportunity for an upcoming task, please email Mr. Barrett today to schedule an appointment! jim.barrett@bfasystems.com

05.07.07 BFA Systems, Inc. is excited to announce our newest employee, Michelle Herman. Ms. Herman has over 17 years of defense-related experience and over 7 years of management experience. She has been directly involved in modeling and simulation, tactical missiles, analysis, distributed simulations, and software engineering supporting the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center (AMRDEC) System Simulation and Development Directorate (SSDD). She plans to continue her support to AMRDEC and expand her capabilities to encompass the needs of other customers. She has earned her Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional (CMSP) certification, she’s a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), and is a Senior Member of IEEE. Ms. Herman is also a member of Alabama Modeling & Simulation Council (AMSC).

04.23.07 BFA Systems is actively participating in the national annual Take Our Children to Work Day on April 26.  Employees are encouraged to bring school aged children to the office for a day filled with events and fun for the kids!

04.02.07 BFA Systems is proud to welcome Christopher Johnson to our robotics support team.  Christopher will begin work next week.

04.02.07 BFA Employees are now eligible for CollegeBoundfund a flexible, tax-advantaged 529 college savings program sponsored by the state of Rhode Island. Your investment grows federal income tax free and distributions for qualified higher education expenses* are federal income tax-free. You may also benefit from special gift tax exclusions and estate tax advantages, as well as:

  • A variety of investment choices including AllianceBernstein’s Education Strategies
  • High contribution levels
  • No income limits restricting who can participate

03.20.2007 BFA Systems participated in the Job Fair on Redstone Arsenal on March 19.  For the latest job opportunities, please check out our careers page!

From the Huntsville Times, February 25, 2007
Michael Schuette joined BFA Systems Inc. last September, performing model and simulation anchoring, and has been promoted to managing the analysis effort on the Missile Defense System Exerciser program. While serving as a manager, he will continue his support of Space and Missile Defense Command for the MDSE program.

Doug Hamlin joined BFA Systems Inc. last August and has been promoted to lead the verification effort on the Missile Defense System Exerciser program. In this role, he continues his support to the Space and Missile Defense Command for the MDSE program in the area of model and simulation verification, validation and accreditation.

From the Huntsville Times, February 04, 2007
Lonnie Lewis has joined BFA Systems and he will work closely with the Missile Defense System Exerciser program. Lewis will begin providing support in the areas of modeling and simulation, verification, validation and accreditation, analysis and overall system quality of service. He has more than 30 years of experience working with missile defense systems for the U.S. and foreign agencies.

From the Huntsville Times, January 28, 2007
BFA Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of Richard Cole to their team. Mr. Cole brings with him over 18 years of defense-related and management experience. He joined the management team in early January and is currently supporting the MDA Combined Test Force (CTF) in the areas of Joint Analysis Team - Task Force B SETA support, Warfighter Analysis, and the integration of CTF developed tools throughout the Ballistic Missile Defense System. Previously, he was the External Customer Interface Lead for the Joint Analysis Display Environment data collection and analysis tool; as well as the THAAD Interoperability Lab Manager at the Software Engineering Directorate on Redstone Arsenal. Mr. Cole is also a member of the Alabama National Guard assigned to the 203rd Military Police Battalion, Athens, Alabama. He supported National Guard efforts post-Hurricane Ivan, as well as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He is a decorated veteran with service in Operation Desert Lion, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Defiance. Mr. Cole holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree and is a member of the UAH alumni.

From the Huntsville Times, January 14, 2007
Tony Summers has joined BFA Systems. He will continue his support to the Space & Missile Defense Command in the area of lethality. Summers has provided scientific, engineering and technical assistance support to SMDC in executing the corporate lethality program for the Missile Defense Agency. He has more than 15 years in defense-related and management experience.

Two Engineers Needed, 01.08.07
BFA is currently seeking two Software Engineers. Please check our careers page for a full job description and information on how to submit your resume.


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